The french bulldog is actually very popular in France

Dog Breeds That are Popular among French

France is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a dream destination for many people because of its beautiful tourist attractions, food, and culture. Besides, people there are known to be dog lovers. In France, many regard dogs as their best friend for life. It is claimed that there are 7.5 million dogs among 63 million pets in the country. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the most popular dog breeds in France.

The 10 Most Popular Dog breeds in France

If you have a chance to visit France, you will most likely see various dogs, and sometimes, you may wonder what is the name of a certain breed. Here are the 10 most popular dog breeds that you might come across on French soil:

  1. English Setter; the English setter originated from Britain. These hunting dogs are commonly medium-sized beasts. Interestingly, they are called setters because they practice setting and bending low when they find birds for the hunters. Not only can they help hunt the birds, but they also can be a good companion to humans. They love their human family and other pets at home. Normally, the English setter has high energy so it is recommended to have a spacious area for them to run around.
  2. French Bulldog; it is confirmed that the French bulldog is the most popular breed in France. Unlike its name, it actually originated from England. Originally, it used to be a companion dog traveler going to France from England. From there, this dog breed had a new name: the French bulldog. The latter is usually bred to become a companion dog. Its perfect size makes it easy for you to take this bulldog anywhere you want. Furthermore, they are known to be friendly, well-mannered, and fun dogs.
  3. American Staffordshire Terrier; is another popular dog breed in France. The latter is good at guarding a property but is also the ideal companion dog if trained well. Indeed, they are pretty intelligent, so they are easy to train. They are bred to be muscular dogs, so they are very strong, courageous, and confident, yet, loving and affectionate. Besides, they are known as being loyal and trustworthy friends to their owners.
  4. Yorkshire Terrier; is a small-sized dog, but with a big personality. Their colors are pretty varied, going from black and brown, black and gold, to brown and gold. They are also admired in France for their lively and affectionate personality. Even though a Yorkshire is pretty small, it is not always suitable for raising in small spaces like apartments. Due to their tendency of barking quite often, they may be annoying to your neighbors. In other words, small dogs don’t always fit in small spaces.
  5. Australian Shepherd; unlike its name, was originally from Basque Country (Euskadi). Its medium size and short tail are very cute. They are working dogs as they are seen to be the happiest when they have tasks to do. Many pet lovers in France love them due to their dynamic and athlete character. They can make good company, especially when they use their energy and brain in dog sports and activities. Additionally, with their intellect, they can be very entertaining or even become an assistance dog.
  6. Belgian Malinois Shepherd; is another French favorite. Initially, they are bred as herding dogs. They are strong, muscular, and hard-working animals. Many people love them for their loyal, protective, and affectionate tendencies towards their master. Nowadays, most of them are working as military and police dogs. However, they can also be good friends too. Due to their intense energy, living in a small space might not be suitable for them.
  7. Labrador Retriever; is popular in many countries. They are bred to be good at both being friends and working. They are known to be kind, friendly, smart, and playful. Furthermore, they can be enthusiastic athletes which may require you to give them exercises, like swimming for example to keep them physically and mentally fit.
  8. German Shepherd; is said to be the best dog breed in France. They are large, muscular, and smart. With their intelligence and strength, they are often used by police and firefighters. Also, they have strong devotion and courage. They can do well in almost anything you teach them like herding, guiding the handicapped, or searching.
  9. Golden Retriever; is the second most popular dog breed in France. Many French adore it as it is friendly and easygoing. They can often be good at retrieving something like preys for hunters. Naturally, they are excellent athletes and can do well in various dog sports.
  10. Cavalier King Charles; is an English dog that is commonly bred to be a companion. The cavalier is pretty small and is usually playful and caring. Also, this type of dog enjoys doing activities like running or hiking. It can even be used as hunting dogs or as a family friend.


These are the most popular dog breeds that are commonly found in France. Among plenty of breeds, they are adored because of their outstanding traits, personalities, and skills. That said, it also depends on your personal preferences. What about you, which one do you prefer?

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