Why diamonds are so special to women

Diamonds, a girl’s best friend

When Marilyn Monroe sang the song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the film Gentlemen prefer blondes from the 50s, she was referring to the tendency of diamonds being popular with women. This trend has not changed much since then indeed, with the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” still holding up pretty well to this day. Have you ever wondered what’s the reason behind this odd relationship between women and diamonds or how it came to be in the first place? If that’s the case, this article is made for you!

The Fine Age of Diamonds

Some see diamonds as just a piece of rock that is something frivolous to spend on. However, diamonds are more than that. They are rocks that have been on this earth for billions of years. A beautiful, luxurious piece of art created by nature itself. Diamonds have so much history, sometimes passing in the hands of many generations. Their value comes from not only their rarity but also from the fact that their history is so rich.

Diamonds are Indestructible

When it comes to natural elements, diamonds are 50 times harder than the other hardest element. In fact, these rocks can cut through anything without being damaged. The only way you can scratch a diamond is with another diamond. Therefore, we could say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend because they can never be destroyed, get scratched, or wear off.

Symbols of status

Diamonds have always been a staple piece in jewelry shops, mostly due to their high value and exquisite beauty. Moreover, women have been wearing diamonds for centuries. Wearing such a piece of jewelry can mean many things: success, wealth, and a sense of elegance. When you see a woman wearing diamond jewelry, you will notice that people will most likely glance and compliment the woman on her diamonds. However, this doesn’t mean that diamonds show a woman’s value. It only states that the woman herself has quite the taste for refined and luxurious things and has the material status to afford it. It could be good, it could be bad, it’s all about one’s perspective on the matter.

The Quality of Diamonds is controlled

We all know that diamonds are expensive, there is no doubt about that. However, know that a diamond’s quality is always worth the money unless you’re being defrauded. The best thing about buying good quality items is that you know that it is worth the price. When buying diamonds, the value is determined through its quality control. Keep in mind that some sketchy sellers are unable to provide you with a quality control certificate. Also, settling for a jewelry shop that has a flashy sign promoting discounted diamonds is the worst possible option, since they are most likely going to be bad quality, or worse yet, fake. Women appreciate diamonds because of their value and real diamonds will always hold a constant value over time.

A Good Investment

Talking about value over time, diamonds are one of the smartest and safest ways to invest your money, it is also a good way of saving money when times get rough. Due to diamonds being a rare commodity, they are considered crisis-proof. Diamonds can be of great use in protecting you if the market collapses, or if the inflation gets out of control, and if there are any currency reforms. They are also a girl’s best friend since they make her financially stable, on top of the added bonus of being beautiful.

Diamonds hold deep memories

When grandparents or parents pass on, they mostly leave valuable assets for the children or grandchildren. Some leave their businesses, some leave their savings in a bank account, and occasionally, some even leave a real estate property, or, diamonds. These precious rocks are a common heirloom that women tend to leave for their children to pass on for the next generations. Besides the fact that they are giving their sons and daughters a piece of beautiful jewelry, it’s always good to know that they will have something to stay financially secure during hard times.

Having diamonds does not mean that it is just some pretty collection that you keep sitting in your jewelry box. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend because of the legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation with the diamond, and the financial security that they bring for the family.

Symbol of Love

Many girls, when getting older, dream of getting a shiny rock. Usually, many would imagine an engagement ring of some sort or something along those lines. This is mostly due to the romanticization over diamonds and what it symbolizes, and who wouldn’t want a ring that symbolizes the love between two people? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend because of the love it represents.

These are the reasons why diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For its beauty, money, power, and value. And most importantly, for its symbol of love that will be carried on, through time and space.

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