A selection of the best anime streaming websites

The best anime websites to watch anime for free

Mainly followed in Asian countries for the past decades, anime movies and TV shows have soared in popularity throughout the world. Naturally associated with Japanese culture, anime made their way into the hearts of people in western countries as well. If you were looking for a good place to watch your beloved anime series, we got you! Indeed, we have put together a list of the best anime websites to stream your favorite content safely and easily.

AnimeFreak.tv: One of the best anime platforms

AnimeFreak is a website that is very easy to navigate and gives you various search filters to find your favorite Anime series. The giant online platform allows you to view its content without even having to sign up at all. Moreover, once you begin watching something, there are also a few quick options for you to not lose out on any of the episodes. It is no surprise why this site is among the most popular anime streaming sites all over the world.

Crunchyroll: Lessening the language barrier

This website is so popular that it single handily helped lessen the language barrier by providing not only English subs but also other language translations to popular anime. Funny enough, Crunchyroll is actually an American website which not only has one of the largest collections of licensed anime but is also one of the top free anime online streaming sites worldwide. You can access it on pretty much any of your devices, PC, smartphone, tablet, and TV.

Anime Planet: Safe and legal content!

This site has an easy-to-use interface with clear classifications to provide you what you require in a matter of clicks. Also, know that it’s possible to create your personal list of series on your account. Additionally, the site offers hundreds of shows, free of charge. You can watch them on your PC, on your Android phone, and on your iOS device. Of course, this site is legit and 100% legal as its content is supported through partnerships with other websites. All in all, this is the perfect anime platform to watch your fav series without worrying about breaking any laws.

9anime: Bending the rules

This site has one of the most iconic colored interfaces. Few people may actually know this, but despite being one of the best streaming sites on the web, 9anime is not 100% legal. The latter sometimes distributes its content without having full rights for distribution, thus, don’t be shocked if you see that the servers are down. Don’t get discouraged by all of this though, since that doesn’t affect the user’s experience, which is generally excellent. With its quick filters, you can find with ease anything you want. Indeed, it is possible to filter your research by country, by type, by status, by genre, by language, and by year.

Anime Heaven: HD and fewer Ads

Anime Heaven is one of the few 100% legal anime streaming sites that also offer free content without any sign-up requirement. Besides, there is a number of various categories you can access in HD quality content. Being one of the most loved sites by anime fans, it’s great that they also keep it clean with almost no ads and pop-ups appearing before you start a video. If you haven’t tried this site yet, go ahead and dive into their content. For sure you will enjoy their user-friendly platform and their free downloadable content.

Chia-Anime: Streaming and reading

Chia-Anime is a free website with more than 500 shows available to watch for free. You can navigate the content by using the search bar at the top of the site. It allows you to directly search or filter through different categories for your favorite anime. This site not only provides anime shows for you to stream but also has an option for reading manga. Since the site is free, it is not always 100% stable. Despite this inconvenience, anime fans often call this the best cartoon streaming site.

Funimation: Top speed dubbing

On this site, most videos are available for free but it doesn’t offer near as many series as other sites on this list. On the other hand, they do have three incredible subscription plans which will allow you to access a huge variety of exclusive HD content. Know that before you start paying anything, you will be given a 14-day trial. This site is famous for its speed that to dub the content in English. This is also one of the best 100% legal online platforms so you won’t have to worry if the content you’re streaming is safe and secure.

And there you go! With our list, you should be able to find the perfect website for you! In the end, it all goes down to how safe you want to be, and to how much you want to pay. Indeed, free websites are fun, but try to support your favorite series as much as you can.

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